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Program Features . . .

In today’s day and age, it is not only important to buy the best genetics available - it makes sense to get the best value for your bull investment. For this reason, our program offers the following:

  • 1st season breeding guarantee - our cattle are only as good as our word and we stand behind them.
  • Complete EPD’s and performance data
  • Free board until April 15th
  • Free delivery on Registered cattle in Kansas or $25/head discount if you pick up your bull sale day
  • Volume discounts
  • Commercial semen discount on Bar S sires
  • Calf marketing through Bar S Ranch Influence Calf Sales - 2 every fall
  • Sale bulls only from the top 1/2 of the calf crop - with No Creep
  • Bar S Ranch will pay 1/2 of the cost of tags for Bar S sired calves enrolled in the Angus Source program. An explanation of Angus Source is listed in our catalog.

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